The Big Idea: The United States is both massive and diverse, but on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, every four years... the nation acts as one to choose a new president. In light of this situation, I propose we leverage the power of the handheld tools in students' pockets to document this day. I am going to send SLA students to their communities and local polling places in Philly to document the urban voting picture, and bring the story to the other parts of the country that may not be able to envision voting in a dense, urban setting. Much the same, rural voters have to travel quite a distance to often access voting. The goal is then to amass a collective picture of voting in America, so I ask: What does voting look like in America? and what does it look like through the eyes of the youth... America's next voters?

Curricular Connections following election day...
  • What are the similarities and differences between voting in different parts of the US?
  • How do those similarities and differences hinder or encourage voting?
  • Are there states that, by the nature of the voting methods, more likely to have voters cast a ballot?
  • Are there correlations between voter turnout and the type of voting allowed in states?
  • Are there constitutional right issues in a nation where some areas have greater access to the polls than other areas?

Keep in Mind...thoughts

  • there are rules governing photography IN the polling places...
  • students may not be able to be IN the polling places without their parents
  • getting on the street statements from voters is incredibly valid, don't be discouraged if your state does not allow photos/video to be shot inside the polling place.
  • would love to have a first time voter gallery... for young voters and older voters that are choosing to vote for the first time.

Who's in?

IM contact
Diana Laufenberg
Science Leadership Academy
dlaufenberg at gmail dot com
Skype: laufty
iChat:dlaufenberg at mac dot com
Kyle Stevens
Bishop Dunne Catholic School
Skype: kyle.stevens
Eric Langhorst
South Valley Jr. High School
Skype: historypodcaster

video report from Liberty, MO :

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The tools to use?
Why this tool?
Why not this tool?

can upload both video and still pix

multiple feeds can be aggregated in the same space


Questions we need to ask students in preparation for the day:
  • Who has a cell phone with still pix?
  • Who has a cell phone with video?
  • Who has a cell phone with internet connectivity?
  • Where is your local polling place?
  • Who has a digital still camera?
  • Who has a digital video camera?